how we do things

Our mission is to safeguard and advance your business interests through the legislative, regulatory, and administrative processes. 

At the intersection of law, business, and public policy is a strategic solution to virtually any business problem or objective.   We execute on our philosophy by committing ourselves to the following set of priorities:
  • Understand the Client
    We place an unrelenting focus on your business objectives by taking the time to develop a deep understanding of your business.  We focus not just on the task at hand, but explore with you how our strategy might impact your business more broadly.  
  • Know the Landscape
    We have deep knowledge of the legislative and executive processes through which government officials make the decisions that impact your business interests.  We understand what arguments will and will not be persuasive.  We know when to collaborate with other interested groups and/or associations.   
  • Messaging
    The right public message is critical to success.  Our public affairs acumen teaches us to simplify the complex.  Our legal experience helps us amass the critical facts and prepare public policy arguments that will persuade.  
  • Honesty 
    We give you a candid assessment of whether we can help before we solidify any engagement.  We keep you fully informed throughout our engagement to ensure that you understand our progress.  
  • Ethics
    We believe that there is only one way of doing business: the right way.  We communicate openly with you about ethics issues related to lobbying.  We consult with you about the importance of complying with the Governmental Employees Ethics Act, the Gift Ban Act, the Lobbyist Registration Act, and related laws, regulations and directives.